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Deep Longevity

AI to track the rate of ageing at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, system, physiological, and psychological levels

Deep Longevity is developing explainable artificial intelligence systems to track the rate of aging at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, system, physiological, and psychological levels.

It is also developing systems for the emerging field of longevity medicine enabling physicians to make better decisions on the interventions that may slow down, or reverse the aging processes.

Deep Longevity developed Longevity as a Service (LaaS) solution to integrate multiple deep biomarkers of aging dubbed “deep aging clocks” to provide a universal multifactorial measure of human biological age.

Originally incubated by Insilico Medicine, Deep Longevity started its independent journey in 2020 after securing a round of funding from ETP Ventures, Human Longevity and Performance Impact Venture Fund, among others.

Deep Longevity established a research partnership with one of the most prominent longevity organizations, Human Longevity, Inc. to provide a range of aging clocks to the network of advanced physicians and researchers.

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Details last updated 17-Jul-2020

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Using AI to track biological aging at the molecular, physiological, and psychological levels

Other people at Deep Longevity

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Project manager at Deep Longevity

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CEO of Deep Longevity

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Senior Manager of Scientific Business Development at Deep Longevity

Deep Longevity News

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Psychological component should not be ignored in aging studies as they impact on biological age


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With an accuracy of 4.7 years it is much more convenient for home testing


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Longevity Technology - 16-Dec-2020

Deep longevity's psychological clock might help you feel younger and live longer


A new ageing clock that reveals your biological age

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DeepMAge is an accurate ageing clock so far and could be a key in medicine


Longenesis enables Deep Longevity to develop more ageing clocks with access to more data

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Interoperability has always been problematic in healthcare - we really need to crack it for ageing research


New app helps identify biological age and methods to slow it down

Fortune - 17-Aug-2020

Apps such as Young. ai will play a key role in helping understand and reversing aging processes


Deep Longevity investors bet on growing need for aging and longevity biomarkers

FierceBiotech - 15-Jul-2020

Biological clocks are a moving target so they'll need other researchers to corroborate their analysis

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