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Insilico Medicine

Biotechnology company that uses artificial intelligence to develop new drugs and for aging research

Our mission is to accelerate drug discovery and drug development by continuously inventingand deploying new artificial intelligence technologies. We provide AI solutions to the top pharma and biotechnology companies to enable streamlined R&D efforts and transform the way therapeutics and materials are discovered.

Insilico Medicine is an artificial intelligence company headquartered in Hong Kong.

Insilico Medicine pioneered the applications of the generative adversarial networks (GANs) and reinforcement learning for generation of novel molecular structures for the diseases with a known target and with no known targets.

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ARDD 2021 - 8th Aging Research and Drug Discovery Meeting

31-Aug-2021 to 03-Sep-2021

Online event about latest progress in the molecular, cellular and organismal basis of aging organized by University of Copenhagen chaired by Morten Scheibye-Knudsen, Daniela Bakula and Alex Zhavoronkov, and with many speakers.

Deep Longevity

AI to track the rate of ageing at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, system, physiological, and psychological levels

Napa Therapeutics

Focused on a novel target linked to one of the fundamental processes of aging

People at Insilico Medicine

Alex Zhavoronkov

CEO of InSilico Medicine & Deep Longevity. CSO of Biogerontology Research Foundation

Ren Feng

Insilico Medicine's chief scientific officer (CSO) and Head of R&D

Jimmy Yen-Chu Lin

Chief Executive Officer at Insilico Medicine Taiwan

Polina Mamoshina

Chief Scientist and Chief Operating Officer at Deep Longevity and Head of Biomarker Development at Insilico Medicine.

Insilico Medicine News

BBC reports on two different uses of AI in pharmaceutical healthcare

BBC - 17-Apr-2023

Genetika+ tests drugs against a patient's own cells; Insilico Medicine is slashing the time taken for drug discovery


Insilico Medicine series D funding to grow its pipeline and create an AI-driven robotic drug discovery laboratory

Longevity Technology - 06-Jun-2022

Big data combined with laboratory automation - the pace of drug discovery is about to take off!


Insilico raises $255M to advance human trials and AI drug discovery platform

Longevity Technology - 22-Jun-2021

New collab with Teva Pharmaceuticals to identify drug targets for various diseases


First-ever AI designed drug candidate for pulmonary fibrosis

Longevity Technology - 24-Feb-2021

Insilico's novel drug target is prepping for IND studies, expecting to start clinical studies by early 2022


Super summary of 3rd Annual Longevity Therapeutics Summit (LEAF) - 16-Feb-2021

More and more companies making greater and greater progress - 2021 could be an exciting year


Pharma company teams with AI to develop anti aging solutions

Longevity Technology - 15-Oct-2020

Taisho and Insilico collabs to identify novel targets for senolytic drugs


AI reduces drug discovery from years to days - and that's just the start

Singularity Hub - 23-Jul-2020

Insilico Medicine is slashing the cost of drug development


Deep Longevity investors bet on growing need for aging and longevity biomarkers

FierceBiotech - 15-Jul-2020

Biological clocks are a moving target so they'll need other researchers to corroborate their analysis


Is it possible to predict biological age with gut microbiome? (LEAF) - 19-Jun-2020

Models and anti-ageing intervention design enables new ageing clock development


Orion College ageing research receives 1 million UK pounds from Jim Mellon (LEAF) - 18-May-2020

He believes in the importance of boosting immunoresilience among elderly


Proposed strategy to protect elderly from gerolavic infections like COVID-19

Forbes - 31-Mar-2020

To benefit long term global health and longevity, and enhance economic recovery


Clinical trials now up for Exscientia's world first AI-made drug

pharmaphorum - 30-Jan-2020

Partnering with Japan's DSP, a milestone is reached in OCD treatment


Nanalyze looks at Insilico Medicine's AlphaGo moment in pharma

Nanalyze - 09-Oct-2019

From lab to clinic in 2 years instead of 10 would have a huge impact on health


Insilico and ARK enter a research collaboration on health-span and longevity

EurekAlert! - 22-May-2019

AI-based methods, to explore mechanisms of ageing and improving health-span


Gut microbiome predicts age with 4 year accuracy (LEAF) - 15-Jan-2019

It both affects and is affected by its host status


Aging focused biotechs forms AI based joint venture

FierceBiotech - 14-Aug-2018

Groundbreaking research biotechs performs aging research together for longevity


Interview with Juvenescence author Jim Mellon

Medium - 17-May-2018

Juvenescence Ltd is making investments in the future of rejuvenation and life extension technology


AgeX Identifies Genes Implicated in Regeneration and Cancer

Business Wire - 02-Jan-2018

Study that reveals genes implicated in tissue regeneration, cancer, and aging. Worked in collabo...


9 Computational Drug Discovery Startups Using AI

Nanalyze - 25-Apr-2017

Including BenevolentAI which already has 24 drug candidates. 98% of big data has only been creat...


AI Versus Aging (LEAF) - 18-Apr-2017

Interview with Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO of Insilico Medicine Company awarded the ‘Most Promisin...


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