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Human Longevity

Health Intelligence Company

Human Longevity is a San Diego-based venture launched by Craig Venter and Peter Diamandis in 2013. Its goal is to build the world's most comprehensive database on human genotypes and phenotypes, and then subject it to machine learning so that it can help develop new ways to fight diseases associated with aging.

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Details last updated 05-Feb-2020

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Deep Longevity

AI to track the rate of ageing at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, system, physiological, and psychological levels

Human Longevity Creations

Health Nucleus

Human Longevity's premier health intelligence platform

People at Human Longevity

Evelyne Bischof

Longevity physician at Human Longevity, Inc. and Associate professor at Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Wei-Wu He

Executive Chairman of Human Longevity Inc

C. Thomas Caskey

Chief Medical Officer, Human Longevity Inc.

David Stanley Karow

President and Chief Innovation Officer at HLI

Human Longevity News

Human Longevity, Inc capped off the precision longevity care with AMRA® BCP Scan

AMRA medical - 13-Jun-2022

360-degree health check gets even more precise with AI-powered assessment


Deep Longevity investors bet on growing need for aging and longevity biomarkers

FierceBiotech - 15-Jul-2020

Biological clocks are a moving target so they'll need other researchers to corroborate their analysis


Pre-mature deaths in adults may be prevented, shown by HLI's largest study

EurekAlert! - 27-Jan-2020

Made possible by early detection of disease and disease risks through whole genome sequencing


Visceral fat dependent on gut bacteria

NHS - 30-May-2018

Bacteria respond to what we eat and then affect how fat is storaged


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Motherboard - 12-Aug-2016

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Human Longevity Inc aiming for 1 million genome study

Next Big Future - 16-Jun-2015

HLI (Human Longevity Inc) has purchased two Illumina HiSeq X Ten Sequencing Systems to study inte...


The rich get older

Cosmos - 01-Jun-2015

Gains in US life expectancy mostly benefiting those with higher income. Income is the single big...