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Bioviva Science

Gene therapy innovation leaders developing platforms to treat severe genetic disorders and cellular aging

BioViva USA Inc is dedicated to improving healthy human longevity through gene therapy.

BIOVIVA'S patent pending technology will revolutionize gene therapy delivery. Our bioinformatics platform and the BioKeeper™ Vault will contribute to health predictions and recommendations, precision medicine, and the discovery of novel biomarkers. Helping us create even better therapies for you in the future!

Look for the first, easy to use, data base for disease specific information coming soon. BioViva will soon be welcoming the CodeKeeper™! A powerful tool to put open source genetics into your hands.

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Details last updated 04-Feb-2019

People at Bioviva Science

Liz Parrish

Founder and CEO of BioViva

Greta Blackburn

Independent BioTech Consultant and Spokesperson

Andrés Grases

Director of Global Outreach at BioViva USA, Inc.

Bioviva Science News

Lifespan of middle-aged mice increased by a third with telomerase gene therapy

CISION PR Newswire - 19-May-2022

Treatment used proprietary CMV vector which is able to deliver multiple genes into the nucleus


Longevity.Technology looks at 12 key companies running age-related disease clinical trials in 2021

Longevity Technology - 25-Feb-2022

Approaches include senotherapeutics, stem cells and mitochondria. Eye disease is a common first target.


New study where biological age reduces as chronological age increases

Bioviva Science - 18-Nov-2021

Evident reversal of Dementia symptoms sustained cognitive improvement


BioViva tests experimental telomerase gene-therapy in 6 Alzheimer's patients

Biospace - 03-May-2021

Launched home test to track biological age; outcomes of unlicensed gene-therapy are yet to report


Master Investor Magazine focuses on longevity in its Autumn edition

Master Investor - 01-Nov-2019

Interesting articles and some useful investment opportunities


Ageing is a Disease. Gene Therapy Could be the Cure

WIRED - 20-Apr-2017

Most age related diseases are a symptom of cellular malfunction. Gene therapy allows us to repla...


Target Genes for Slowing Aging

Fight Aging! - 06-Jun-2016

75 potential targets for gene therapy in the near future. Rapid advances in genetic editing tech...


BioViva Moving Ahead With Human Gene Therapy for Telomerase Activation

Fight Aging! - 02-Apr-2015

First company to treat a person with gene therapy to reverse biological aging. Patient to be mon...


Existing Longevity Therapies that are Technically Feasible, but Difficult and Expensive to Obtain

Fight Aging! - 28-Dec-2014

Gene therapies Stem cell therapies Enhancing native stem cell activities Thymus restoration I...

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