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Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy News

Beacon Therapeutics secures $170M to develop gene therapies for retinal diseases

Longevity Technology - 05-Jul-2024

Company is particularly focusing on less invasive treatments for dry AMD and XLRP


New gene-editing tool, 'bridge editing,' surpasses CRISPR in precise DNA alterations

New Scientist - 26-Jun-2024

Potential for advancements in medicine, agriculture, and other fields


Scientists discover key protein that could prevent age-related vision loss

Independent - 05-Jun-2024

Boosting IRAK-M protein protects retina in the eyes and paves way for potential AMD treatment


ExpressionEdits secures $13M for developing AI-powered gene therapy

Longevity Technology - 03-Jun-2024

Company aims to improve protein production in genetic medicine


Toddler born with hearing loss can now hear thanks to new gene therapy trial

The Guardian - 09-May-2024

Therapy offers hope for a potential cure for certain types of hearing loss

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Gene Therapy Resources

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Cheating death: gene therapies, telomeres, and immunity!


Event about gene therapies organised by St George's, University of London (London, UK)

YouthBio Therapeutics

Developing rejuvenation gene therapies based on partial reprogramming by Yamanaka factors

Perfect People


“All they wanted was a healthy child. What they got was the perfect nightmare… ”, a thriller written by Peter James

Butterfly Sciences

Gene therapy for human health span

Rejuvenate Bio

Company delivering age-reversing gene therapies for animals

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Gene Therapy Blog Posts

Empire State of Mind (and Body)

Empire State of Mind (and Body)

manipulation over the Opportunities opened up with human genetic engineering need to be regulated global to avoid exploitation

Perfect storm for gene therapy?

Perfect storm for gene therapy?

Genome editing combined with stem cell generation could produce life extending therapies when boosted with big data

Six of the best from Ray's newsletter

Six of the best from Ray's newsletter

Including nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery, nanofiber sensors, and personalized nerve cells

Repairing damaged hearts - first step to rejuvenation

Repairing damaged hearts - first step to rejuvenation

If you can repair damage from heart attacks, why can't we repair heart damage from ageing?

Gene Therapy