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developing a broad pipeline of therapies to extend human healthspan and lifespan

We’re an interdisciplinary team of computational biologists, experimental scientists, and seasoned drug hunters. We share the vision that targeting aging directly, rather than targeting individual age-related diseases one at a time, will have a dramatic positive impact on human health.

The BIOAGE discovery platform leverages recent technological advances to create a deep omics map of human aging. We generate this map by applying novel machine learning and bioinformatics approaches to proprietary human cohort data to reveal the molecular drivers of age-related pathology. Our pipeline of therapies targeting these key pathways will address the significant unmet medical needs of an aging population.

At BIOAGE, we are mapping human aging from the ground up. We have forged partnerships with unique biobanks containing healthy human samples collected over decades that are paired with extensive follow-up records that include detailed future healthspan, lifespan, and disease outcomes. We are building deep molecular profiles of these samples, incorporating proteomics, metabolomics, and transcriptomics to identify the best drug targets for healthy aging.

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People at BIOAGE

Company Representative


Company Representative

Chief Medical Officer at Bioage Labs and Pharma and biotech Consultant at Rubin Pharma.


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Raised $90M in series C funding - off to a great start initiating three clinical trials


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I think Victor is right, anti-aging is going to be the next big thing