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To Be a Machine

The book speaks about the use of technology to enhance human intellectual and physical capability written by Mark O'Connell

In To Be a Machine, journalist Mark O'Connell takes a headlong dive into this burgeoning movement. He travels to the laboratories, conferences, and basements of today's foremost transhumanists, where he's presented with the staggering possibilities and moral quandaries of new technologies like mind uploading, artificial superintelligence, cryonics, and device implants.

To Be a Machine paints a vivid portrait of an international movement driven by strange and frequently disturbing ideas and practices, but whose obsession with transcending human limitations can be seen as a kind of cultural microcosm, a radical intensification of our broader faith in the power of technology as an engine of human progress. It is a character study of human eccentricity, and a meditation on the immemorial desire to transcend the basic facts of our animal existence – a desire as primal as the oldest religions, a story as old as the earliest literary texts. A stunning new non-fiction voice tackles an urgent question…what next for mankind?

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To Be a Machine News

Exploration of transhumanism movement wins Wellcome book prize

Guardian - 30-Apr-2018

To Be a Machine - about humanity’s attempts to conquer death through technology. Or as Irish deb...