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Alex Vikoulov summarises his Syntellect Hypothesis


Key points from article :

Posthumanism (or cyberhumanism) is to replace transhumanism at the center stage circa 2035.

Mind uploading could allow us to directly connect our brains to the Global Brain.

The GB will know us better than we know ourselves

Even today, we all are contributing to the global digital archives of the Syntellect.

We, like fish, swim in this ocean of consciousness, completely oblivious of the medium.

Sees mind migration to the Cloud as a gradual decades-long process of incremental neuronal replacements.

There will be some trials and errors, but expects it to be more or less a non-invasive and seamless process.

At the end, we all will morph into “substrate-independent” immortal digital minds.

Personal non-biological “de-cerebral” hemisphere - the exocortex - will communicate with the two biological brain hemispheres.

"I believe that one's ultimate goal should be reaching the Simulation Singularity, i.e., engineered godhood."

Adapted from his new book that discuses cybernetic immortality

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Alex Vikoulov

Futurist, author and CEO of Ecstadelic Media Group

The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind’s Evolution


Discusses the ultimate nature of reality, consciousness, philosophy of mind, transhumanism, and more, written by Alex Vikoulov