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Could you lead the Transhumanist Party UK?


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Transhumanist Party UK (TPUK) invites applications for the position of TPUK Leader.

TPUK is a technoprogressive political organisation, committed to positive social change through technology.

Its stated principles are:

- Evidence, Science, and Technology

- Bright Green

- Personal Freedom, Social Justice

Applicants must be resident within the UK.

The closing date for applications is 27th April.

"It’s time for a new generation of political transhumanists" according to TPUK co-founder, Julian Snape.

"[The] UK [needs] to step up its preparations for seismic changes in the wake of major technological and social disruptions" says David Wood, Chair of the TPUK Board.

Applications are invited from people who can raise the profile of transhumanist politics in the UK

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David Wood

Chair at London Futurists and author

Future Surge

Organization committed to raising awareness of the relevance and practicality of transhumanist insights

Julian Snape

Co-founder of the Transhumanist Party UK (TPUK)