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Vitamin D

One of the few vitamins we need to take as a supplement.

In July 2016, Public Health England issued new advice that everyone aged four and over needs an average daily intake of 10 micrograms of vitamin D. Professor Hilary Powers: can store enough vitamin D produced by sunlight during the summer months to last through-out the year

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Darker skin means less vitamin D generation for the same latitude. *TBC

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NHS vitamins and minerals information

Between October and early March we don't get any vitamin D from sunlight


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Medical News Today - 02-Feb-2022

Disease risk reduced by 30% in older people but its best to consult a doctor before taking supplements


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Independent - 16-Dec-2020

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Study finds patients with good vitamin D levels half as likely to die of coronavirus

Independent - 26-Sep-2020

Definitely no harm in taking normal levels of vitamin D supplements - and could save your life


Public Health England: Best to take vitamin D during COVID-19 lockdown

BBC - 23-Apr-2020

Advices on improving health should be considered especially in times of pandemic

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