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Stem Cells Resources

The Live Forever Club collates details of as many people, organisation and things regarding Stem Cells. Click through on any resource below to discover more about it.

Stem Cells People

Company Representative Hanadie Yousef - Co-founder and CEO of Juvena Therapeutics

Resource Helen Blau - Leading regenerative medicine biologist at Stanford with a focus on stem cells

Stem Cells Organisations

Journal Stem Cell Reports - Scientific Journal providing information about stem cells.

Institute Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute - World-leading centre for stem cell research

Stem Cells Companies

Company Bioline

Company CellAge - working with the aim to develop synthetic promoters that would be able to specifically identify senescent cells

Company Celltex Therapeutics - Biotechnology company leading the field of regenerative medicine developing treatments for unconquered injuries and diseases.

Company Celsius Therapeutics - Biotechnology company that develop medicines.

Company Centagen, Inc. - Company developing multi-path therapeutics for age-related disorders via activating adult stem cells.

Company Cynata Therapeutics - Stem cell and regenerative medicine company that is developing a therapeutic stem cell platform technology.

Company eGenesis - Company that develops effective human transplantable organs, tissues and cells.

Company EpiBone - Company developing technology from stem cells to repair damaged bone tissue.

Company Fate Therapeutics - Biopharmaceutical company developing cellular immunotherapies for cancer and immune disorders.

Company Forever Labs - Adult stem cell storage and banking company.

Company inSphero - 3D Cell-Based Solutions for Drug Discovery.

Company IsoPlexis - Personalised Medicine company

Company Juvena Therapeutics - Biopharma discovering novel protein-based therapeutics that promote tissue regeneration

Company Kimera Labs - Exosome production company.

Company Liveyon - Company that provides high-quality medical umbilical cord cells for degenerative diseases.

Company Modern Meadow - Modern Meadow has created a novel platform of biofabricated materials at the frontier of biotechnology.

Company OrganoLinX - Biotechnology company developing 3D human neural tissues for scientific research and cell therapy applications in brain disease.

Company Oxford BioMedica

Company Oxford Genetics

Company Plasticell

Company ReNeuron

Company Rexgenero

Company RoslinCT

Company Rubedo Life Sciences - Extending Health Span and Reverting Age-Related Diseases.

Company Sistemic

Company Solentim

Company Sphere Fluidics

Company Stemaid - Company producing embryonic stem cells for therapeutic use.

Company Synpromics

Company TC BioPharm

Company The HEALinc - Company focused on prevention of disease, regenerative medicine and cutting-edge innovation in health care delivery.

Company - Company dedicated to Reversing Aging by Reprogramming Cells.

Company Xenetic Biosciences

Stem Cells Healthcare Organisations

Health Organisation Advancells - Stem Cell Therapy Center.

Health Organisation Docere Clinics - Clinic providing high-quality stem cell procedures available anywhere.

Health Organisation Docere Medical - Optimization Medicine and Adult Cell Therapy.

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