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Forever Labs

Adult stem cell storage and banking company.

FOREVER LABS was founded by a group of biomedical research scientists and medical doctors with the goal of helping everyone live longer, healthier lives through non-pharmacological means.

When it comes to your future, taking care of your body is like taking care of your finances; the best thing that you can do is to plan ahead. Our system, based on a growing body of evidence from the latest state-of-the-academy research, allows you to access your younger and healthier self later in life.

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Forever Labs News

Freezing stem cells in hope of extending life

CNBC - 05-May-2018

Forever Labs extracts and stores young adults' stem cells. Plan to use later to combat age-relat...


Forever Labs will bank your stem cells for future use

Digital Trends - 19-Aug-2017

The number and therapeutic quality of our stem cells diminishes with age. Storing them will pres...