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Turn Biotechnologies

Focused on restoring cells’ youthful vigor to repair damage caused by the aging process

Turn Biotechnologies develops mRNA medicines that induce the body to heal itself by instructing specific cells to fight disease or repair damaged tissue. We are focused on reprogramming the epigenome – a network of chemical compounds and proteins that control cell functions by influencing which genes are active – to restore capabilities that are often lost with age.

Using a proprietary ERA™ Platform, we develop mRNA medicines that are specially formulated to instruct specific cells in the body to fight disease or repair damaged tissue. We do this by reprogramming the epigenome to restore cell function that people often lose as they age

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People at Turn Biotechnologies


Scientist at Stanford University, Co-Founder and Head Of Research at Turn Biotechnologies

Company Representative

CEO at Turn Biotechnologies

Company Representative

Chief Operating Officer at Turn Biotechnologies.

Turn Biotechnologies News

Turn Bio raised funds to usher epigenetic reprogramming from bench to bedside

Biospace - 11-Apr-2022

mRNA technology-reset aging to extend health span and improve quality of life


Reprogramming turns aged human cells young again

New York Times - 24-Mar-2021

Stanford University research published in New York Times - age-reversal is no longer fringe science!


Turn Bio licenses mRNA technology to undo ageing effects

Longevity Technology - 12-Jan-2021

A revolutionary technology research to provide the cure for age-related diseases


Scientists reverse cellular ageing while maintaining cell's identity

New York Times - 24-Mar-2020

How long will it take until this can be applied to human cells inside the body?


Yamanaka factors plus 2 more resets cells age without destroying their identity (LEAF) - 24-Mar-2020

Stanford University researchers spin out Turn Biotechnologies to develop therapies using OSKMLN


Fight Aging! reports back from SENS Research Foundation Pitch Day

Fight Aging! - 20-Jan-2020

When some of these succeed in human trials even more money will pile in to fund further advances


Halfway-house stem cells may be as effective as iPSCs

Fight Aging! - 19-Mar-2019 testing new in vivo therapy - good results for sarcopenia in mice