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Leveraging the power of senolytics to eliminate senescence cells

Longevity Technology discusses senescent cells with Steve Matheson, CEO of Combilytics (YouTube)

Key points from video:

Introduction to senescent cells and senolytics.

Almost all cell types can become senescent (e.g. red blood cells don't).

Around 500 different types of molecules in SASP.

No universal senolytic that will work on every senescent cell type.

Not convinced it will increase lifespan, but 100% convinced it will increase healthspan.

Combilytics’ senolytic supplement, EternLFX, contains fisetin and quercetin (which are GRAS).

Hence the company name - combination of senolytics.

Senescent cells are necassary, and develop slowly, so not aiming to kill them all.

Product targets adipose and endothelial tissue

Suggests cycling 3 days on, 3 days off (21 capsules a day!)

Has adapted Mayo Clinic study as can't include the chemotherapeutic.

Bioavailability of polyphenols is low from extracts.

Body is able to clear senescent cell buildup until about 35 years old.

Recommend one cycle per year until 60-something.

Steve still has a good blood profile at 67.

Quercetin and fisetin have a half life of about 8 hours in the body.

Looking to work with regnerative medicine doctors to remove senescent load before stem cell extraction.

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Details last updated 26-May-2023

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Providing an effective natural senolytic solutions and offers supplements to combat aging

Steve Matheson

Founder at Combilytics, BioTech and Anti-Aging Student, Business, Healthcare and Product Dev Specialist

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Leveraging the power of senolytics to eliminate senescence cells