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Senescent Cells Resources

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Senescent Cells Creations

Video Leveraging the power of senolytics to eliminate senescence cells - Longevity Technology discusses senescent cells with Steve Matheson, CEO of Combilytics (YouTube)

Senescent Cells Events

Event CULS Webinar: Marco Quarta - Online webinar by Cambridge University Longevity Society with Marco Quarta, Co-Founder & CEO of Rubedo Life Sciences as speaker

Event OS-01 BODY: Live Q&A with OneSkin’s Founders - Learn how and why OS-01 BODY was developed and how it can help you achieve your healthiest skin yet

Event UK SPINE Annual Conference 2020 - Series of events focussed on research and innovation in geroscience and ageing therapeutics

Senescent Cells Organisations

Academia Cellular Senescence Network (SenNet) - Consortium to comprehensively identify and characterize the differences in senescent cells across the body

Senescent Cells Companies

Company Atropos Therapeutics - Biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing drugs against aging disorders and cancer.

Company Biotein - Company in the field of longevity and biotechnology that aims to provide a novel way to eradicate senescent cells.

Company CellAge - working with the aim to develop synthetic promoters that would be able to specifically identify senescent cells

Company Cleara Biotech - Cleara is developing therapeutics to eliminate senescent cells.

Company Deciduous Therapeutics - Company developing a novel class of immune-modulatory therapies designed to promote a healthy lifespan.

Company Dorian Therapeutics - Anti-aging company developing senoblockers.

Company Eternans - Biotechnology company developing senolytic agents.

Company Numeric Biotech - Biotechnology company focused on development of treatments for age related diseases..

Company Oisin Biotechnologies - Drug development company focused on the senolytic technology to fight age-related diseases

Company Oncosence - Company that target cancer by developing senescence inducing and senolytic (senescent cell killing) compounds.

Company Rejuveron - Company that develops and invests in drugs and technologies which prolong human lifespan.

Company Rubedo Life Sciences - Extending Health Span and Reverting Age-Related Diseases.

Company SENISCA - University of Exeter spinout developing senotherapeutic interventions through modulation of dysregulated RNA splicing

Company Senolytic Therapeutics (Senolytx) - Pharmaceutical company that develops a novel class of medicines by targeting damaged cells.

Company SIWA Therapeutics - Biotechnology company producing therapy that targets and destroys senescent cells.

Company TAmiRNA - Biotech company that specializes in the discovery and validation of microRNA biomarkers.

Company UNITY Biotechnology - Biotechnology company devoted to research of restoring human health

Company Velabs Therapeutics - Fast generation of functional therapeutic antibodies.