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Quantified Self Resources

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Quantified Self Creations

Information Michael Lustgarten Blog

Information Thermometers: Understand the options

Quantified Self Products

Product Atmotube

Product Beast Sensor - Gym and strength workout tracker.

Product BPM Core - Smart blood pressure monitor with ECG and digital stethoscope.

Product Evolv - Wireless blood pressure monitor that provides complete view of blood pressure with systolic, diastolic and pulse readings.

Product FitBit Charge 2 - Wearable fitness tracker.

Product Fitbit Charge 3 - Wearable fitness tracker.

Product Garmin fenix 6 - Activity tracker smartwatch with heart rate monitor.

Product Garmin Forerunner 945 - Activity tracker smartwatch with heart rate monitor.

Product Garmin Vivoactive 4 - Activity tracker smartwatch with heart rate monitor.

Product Garmin Vivomove 3 - Activity tracker fitness band.

Product Garmin Vivosmart 4 - Activity tracker fitness band with heart rate monitor.

Product Health Nucleus - Human Longevity's premier health intelligence platform

Product Humon Hex - Wearable muscle oxygen sensor for athletes.

Product Microsoft HealthVault

Product Skulpt Chisel - Fitness tracker measuring body fat percentage and muscle quality.

Product Withings Steel HR Sport - Activity tracker hybrid smartwatch with heart rate monitor.

Quantified Self Videos

Video The quantified self - Gary Wolf gives a 5-min intro to using mobile apps and always-on gadgets to track and analyze your body

Video Top 10 Health Parameters You Can Measure At Home!

Video What is Cholesterol - How To Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

Quantified Self People

Advocate Greg Potter - PhD in melatonin, sleep, diet, and metabolic health

Resource Katie Willis - Communications Lead Faculty of Science, University of Alberta

Quantified Self Organisations

Health Organisation Bluecrest Health Screening - Health screening company.

Quantified Self Companies

Company Beast Technologies - Aerospace engineering sensor technology company.

Company Blue Horizon Medicals - Private Blood Tests and Home Health Checks.

Company DNA Lifestyle - Nutrition, fitness and health DNA tests

Company Fitbit - Comapny developing wearable technology devices.

Company Freenome - Company that develops next-generation blood tests for early cancer detection.

Company GlycanAge - Glycan-based test to determine your biological age

Company Illumina - Sequencing and array-based solutions for analysis of genetic variation and function

Company InTime BioTech (AKA Longevity InTime) - Real time monitoring of 400+ essential health parameters

Company MyDNAge - Epigenetic age determination test.

Company Nebula Genomics - DNA testing company.

Company Omron - Company developing different types of blood pressure monitors.

Company OpenCures - OpenCures provides next-gen molecular health tests.

Company Personal Diagnostics Ltd - Supplier of home health test kits.

Company Singlera Genomics - Company developing non invasive genetic testing.

Company Skulpt - Fitness tracking company focused on muscle health.

Company Vitall - Measure and track your health using at home finger-prick blood test kits

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