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Jinfiniti Precision Medicine

Provides at-home intracellular NAD test and other aging blood panels

Jinfiniti Biosciences is a biomedical research company specializing in high- throughput platforms to isolate RNA/DNA samples at high speed and affordable cost. It aims to increase the human healthspan. Using measures of key blood biomarkers, Jinfiniti is able to provide a detailed overview of individual aging health.

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Details last updated 14-Nov-2020

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Jinfiniti Precision Medicine Blog Posts

Jinfiniti NMN Supplements Personal Case Study

Jinfiniti NMN Supplements Personal Case Study

A good jump in NAD levels and grip strength during this one month trial, but not everything improved

NR Supplements Personal Case Study

NR Supplements Personal Case Study

2 month trial of nicotinamide riboside NAD booster Tru Niagen

Jinfiniti NAD Test Review

Jinfiniti NAD Test Review

I try out Jinfiniti's intracellular NAD test and explain more about NAD+

Jinfiniti Precision Medicine Creations

Dr. Jin Xiong She Talks About NAD IV Infusions and Intracellular Realities (YouTube)

Trial of 10 patients having 5 sessions of intravenous IV saw no increase in icNAD levels

People at Jinfiniti Precision Medicine

Jin-Xiong She

Founder and CEO, Jinfiniti Precision Medicine and Director of the MCG Center for Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine,

Jinfiniti Precision Medicine News

At-home NAD test helps you pick the right dose of supplement

Longevity Technology - 16-Apr-2021

Jinfiniti's intracellular test measures NAD levels at home with a simple filter-paper kit


Red Light Holland to test magic truffles with Jinfiniti's blood test

Yahoo! finance - 30-Sep-2020

AgingSOS test unveils the potential of psilocybin treatments for ageing and psychiatric disorders


A single test that can measure your longevity status

Longevity Technology - 17-Aug-2020

Insights can tell what you should and shouldn't do to improve your longevity status

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