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Control - IQ

advanced hybrid closed-loop technology to control Type 1 diabetes

Trying to keep your blood sugar in range can be stressful and time consuming. Our Control-IQ advanced hybrid closed-loop technology makes it easier by predicting and helping prevent highs and lows.

See how easy control can be

The t:slim X2™ insulin pump with Control-IQ™ technology is designed to help increase time in range (70-180 mg/dL)* using Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)† values to predict glucose levels 30 minutes ahead. Based on those predictions, it adjusts insulin delivery accordingly, which includes delivery of automatic correction boluses as needed (up to one per hour).

How Control-IQ Technology Works

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Details last updated 04-Jan-2020

Control - IQ News

New, more reliable FDA-approved device to help type 1 diabetes patients

The Verge - 13-Dec-2019

This closed-loop system customizes treatment, automatically adjusts insulin levels

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