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Laboratory Automation Resources

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Laboratory Automation Organisations

Laboratory Automation Companies

Company 712 North - Personalized mitochondrial medicines for age-related diseases.

Company Eisai - Pharmaceutical company focusing to cancer and neurology drugs.

Company Emulate - Company creating living platforms that emulate the complexities of human biology

Company MAIA Biotechnology - Company developing new drugs to help people with cancer.

Company NaNotics - Company developing a novel nano-medicine platform for treating multiple diseases, including cancer, sepsis, auto-immune disorders and the harmful effects of aging.

Company Sanofi - Company dedicated to research and development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical drugs.

Company Senolytic Therapeutics (Senolytx) - Pharmaceutical company that develops a novel class of medicines by targeting damaged cells.

Company Stealth BioTherapeutics - Biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and commercialization of novel therapies..

Company Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries - Company developing, producing and marketing affordable, high quality generic drugs and specialty pharmaceuticals

Company UNITY Biotechnology - Biotechnology company devoted to research of restoring human health

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