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Global leader in metabolomics for precision medicine, biomarker discovery, and advancing microbiome research

Almost every factor that affects health – from genetics and the microbiome to disease and lifestyle – exerts its influence by altering metabolite levels in the body or other biological system. By producing the most accurate and comprehensive picture of the collection of metabolites, known as the metabolome, from a single biological sample, Metabolon can deliver an instantaneous snapshot of the entire physiology of a living being at a discreet point in time, as well as identify changes in that system brought about the impact of disease, medical intervention, diet or the environment. This deep and comprehensive view of the metabolome provides biological insights that cannot be revealed through any other research methodology, enabling life sciences researchers and drug developers to discover answers some of biology’s most difficult questions.

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Metabolon News

Visceral fat dependent on gut bacteria

NHS - 30-May-2018

Bacteria respond to what we eat and then affect how fat is storaged