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Company focused on development of therapeutics that slow the degenerative processes associated with aging.

Biophytis SA, founded in 2006, develops drug candidates targeting diseases of aging. Using its technology and know-how, Biophytis has begun clinical development of innovative therapeutics to restore the muscular and visual functions in diseases with significant unmet medical needs. Specifically, the company is advancing two proprietary drug candidates into mid-stage clinical testing this year: Sarconeos (BIO101) to treat sarcopenic obesity and Macuneos (BIO201) to treat dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The business model of BIOPHYTIS is to ensure the conduct of the project until clinical activity in the patient is proven, then to license the technologies in order to continue the development in partnership with a pharmaceutical laboratory. The company was founded in partnership with researchers at the UPMC (Pierre and Marie Curie University) and collaborates with scientists at the Institute of Myology, and the Vision Institute.

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Details last updated 17-Feb-2021

People at Biophytis

Stanislas Veillet

CEO and Founder of Biophytis

Waly Dioh

Chief Clinical Operations Officer of Biophytis

Samuel Agus

Chief Medical Officer at Biophytis.

Biophytis News

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