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Magnitude Biosciences

Biotechnology company that combines experience in ageing research, the nematode C. elegans and automation

We are a specialist Contract Research Organisation (CRO) who help industry and academia progress their research projects via our team of expert scientists, C. elegans services and unique automated imaging technology. Our C. elegans studies are customised to answer your key research questions and generate high-quality, reproducible data to accelerate your research project to the next stage. 

We were founded in 2018 by a team of the world’s leading C. elegans and automated imaging experts who shared the vision of bringing the benefits of this unique research approach to industry, helping to play our part in accelerating the development of new drug therapies and other research advances to improve human and environmental health. Although there are many C. elegans academic labs around the world, there are very few commercial labs that exist to apply the benefits of C. elegans research to the biotechnology and consumer goods industries.

Magnitude Biosciences Executive Team

• Fozia Saleem, CEO

• David Weinkove, CSO

• Chris Saunter, CTO

• Sally Waterman, Non-Executive Director & Chair of the Board

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Mentioned in this Resource

Chris Saunter

Director at Magnitude Biosciences, High speed imaging

David Weinkove

CSO at Magnitude Biosciences and Associate Professor at Durham University

Fozia Saleem

Innovator, Transformative Leadership and CEO at Magnitude Biosciences

Sally Waterman

Non-Executive Director & Chair of the Board at Magnitude Biosciences

Magnitude Biosciences News

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