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Rejuvenate Biomed

Biomedical company researching the biology of aging and developing drugs for age related diseases.

In 2016, while working in the prevention area at Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, Ann Beliën (PhD, PMP) was able to explore her scientific idea for healthy aging. She was able to develop this new concept with a small core team towards a potential business opportunity during a Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS Boot camp.

After successfully presenting her final plan during the Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS ‘Business meets Science’ in 2016 she decided to further elaborate on the idea and consult experts in the field including NIH to discuss potential designs of the Proof of Concept clinical studies. She left J&J after 18 successful and wonderful years to further mature the idea by applying the international Research and Development expertise acquired including discovery, early development, full development, strategy & open innovation experience. 

Subsequently, she established Rejuvenate Biomed, the independent Belgium based clinical stage R&D company and spin-out from Janssen Pharmaceutical companies of Johnson and Johnson, in October 2017. The company aims to increase the healthy years of life, also referred to as healthspan, by repositioning prescription drugs to the field of healthy ageing and age-related disease specifically. Their first entry to market is Sarcopenia, a newly established muscle failure disease (ICD-10 M62.84). They are ready to start their Phase II studies in 2020.

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Rejuvenate Biomed News

Rejuvenate Biomed raises 3.2 million euros for anti-ageing drugs - 02-Mar-2021

Accelerates clinical trial plans for its lead candidate Rlx-01 targeting age-related muscle failure