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The Naked Scientists interviewed a biohacker, Josiah Zayner


Key points from article :

Self-experimentation happens a lot from off-the-record sanity checks in medical labs to trying out a new diet or drug.

Josiah Zayner in conversation with Chris Smith, founder of The naked scientists.

A biohacker is just somebody who does science outside a traditional environment.

"I was a scientist at NASA before I decided to actually push science forward."

First person to use CRISPR, a modern gene editing technology to edit genes inexpensively and fast.

"Injected myself with some DNA, supposedly to give me bigger muscles."

"Gene editing caused me to have different colour hair."

Trying to make gene editing accessible and available to everybody.

Editing yeast, worked on growing chicken cells in petri dishes and making a chicken nugget.

"I had gut distress and IBS, and so I took faeces from a healthy donor and transplanted it into my body."

"Genetic engineering is the most powerful technology we have."

Sums up his thoughts on self-experimentation in the process of turning into superhuman himself.

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Consultant clinical virologist at Cambridge University, founder of The Naked Scientists


Biohacker, Founder and CEO of The ODIN company.