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Group of Russian biohackers perform the first human plasma dilution

Results aren't published in any journal but might be the first step towards more human studies


Key points from article :

Two Russian biohackers performed a plasma dilution experiment on themselves.

Based on previous mouse studies by Drs. Irina and Michael Conboy.

'Simple plasma dilution can recapitulate most of the benefits of parabiosis' - Alexander Fedintsev, advisor.

The two participants were 50-60 years old.

A huge panel of blood biomarkers were tested twice – before and after the intervention.

This was followed by plasma donation & albumin injection.

"Experiments on mice translate badly to people. This is why we do biohacking as subjects"- Yuri Khait, participant.

Ox-LDL levels dropped, LDL levels normalised & liver markers improved.

Myelocyte/lymphocyte ratio improved, insulin levels & inflammation markers also declined.

Unexpected - cholesterol went up & so did Naive T cells.

Data is published as a Google spreadsheet on their website.

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Alexander Fedintsev

Scientist, bioinformatician and machine learning engineer

Irina Conboy

Professor of Bioengineering at Berkeley University of California.

Michael Conboy

Lecturer in Department of Bioengineering at Berkley University of California.

Nikolay Sidorov

Russian biohacker

Yuri Khait

Biohacker, founder of Longevity Technologies

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