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Proposed strategy to protect elderly from gerolavic infections like COVID-19

To benefit long term global health and longevity, and enhance economic recovery


Key points from article :

Clinical trials proposed for low-dose rapamycin (LDR) to protect elderly from COVID-19.

And meta-analysis of geroprotective and senoremediative strategies as a solution.

LDR once a week, combined with metformin and other geroprotectors for prevention.

Such as nicotinamide riboside, nicotinamide mononucleotide, metformin.

To track efficacy, use of inexpensive and minimally-invasive deep aging clocks proposed.

COVID-19 and other infections more harmful to elderly, to be called gerolavic infections.

Postulated geroprotectors, rapamycin, decreased infection rates elderly patients sample.

May enhance resilience against infections and reduce the severity of symptoms.

Efforts are underway to identify new geroprotectors using AI and human data.

Proposed that increases in productive longevity will substantially boost economic growth.

Innovative strategies now needed for prevention, treatment of COVID-19 in elderly.

Research by Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, published in Aging.

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