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King's College London

Public research university

King's College London is one of the top 10 UK universities in the world (QS World University Rankings, 2018/19) and among the oldest in England.

King's vision is to make the world a better place, building on our history of pioneering research that has advanced and shaped modern life, such as: the discovery of the structure of DNA; research to better understand autism and develop life-changing therapies; informing air pollution awareness and policy; research that led to the development of radio, radar, television and mobile phones; and making maths available to the underprivileged. These are all ways that we are having a transformational impact on society.

Our intellectually rigorous teaching environment is coupled with a commitment to providing a rich and supportive student experience. We have more than 31,000 students (of whom nearly 12,800 are postgraduates, with 1,000 students enrolled in online masters courses) from 150 countries worldwide, meaning that students are part of a truly international community. Our 8,500 members of staff collaborate with students to help them get the most out of their degree. Many of our academics are also researchers working within and influencing their industries, meaning that students learn the latest thinking and understand its practical and contemporary relevance.

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King's College London Creations

Innovations in Consumer Longevity Data: A Global Perspective


Ageing Research at King's (ARK) Longevity Week 2021 Event (FREE)

South London Stroke Register

Ongoing population- based stroke register, King's College of London

People at King's College London

Mauro Giacca

Medical scientist and Professor of Cardiovascular Sciences, King's College London

Tim Spector

Author and Professor of Genetic Epidemiology

Angelova Volponi

Reader in Regenerative dentistry at King's College London

Georgina Ellison-Hughes

Professor of Regenerative Muscle Physiology at King's College London specializing in stem cell science, exercise scientist and physiology

Heba Sailem

Senior Lecturer in Biomedical AI and Data Science at King's College London

Ioannis Bakolis

Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at King's College London

Robert Plomin

American psychologist and geneticist, Author and Professor of Behavioural Genetics at King's College London

Andrew Krentz

Consultant Endocrinologist and Andrologist at Centre for Men's Health, Visiting Professor at King's College London and University of Reading

Claire Steves

Practicing Geriatrician and Senior Clinical Lecturer at King's College London

John Weinman

Professor of Psychology at King's College London

Sandrine Thuret

Neuroscientist and Head of the Neurogenesis and Mental Health Laboratory at King's College London

Reza Razavi

Professor of paediatric cardiovascular science, vice-president and vice-principal of research at the King's College London

Massimo Mangino

Head of bioinformatics and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College London

Andrew Owens

Research associate at the King's College London.

Robin Ali

Professor of Human Molecular Genetics at King's College London

Hannah Walsh

PhD student at King's College London

Gry Wester

Lecturer in Bioethics and Global Health Ethics at King's College London.

Prokar Dasgupta

Professor and Chair of Urology at King's College London.

Peter Sasieni

Cancer screening and prevention researcher at King’s College London.

Janaka Karalliedde

Clinical Senior Lecturer at School of Cardiovascular Medicine & Sciences at King's College London.

King's College London News

Naturally occurring particles in cow's milk could revolutionise oral drug delivery

New Atlas - 26-Apr-2024

Study may provide a safe and effective way to take powerful injectable medications by mouth


High-income countries like the UK projected to see 50% increase in cancer cases

Independent - 16-Nov-2023

Smoking tobacco alone results in a loss of at least 20.8 million years of life


Senolytics may rejuvenate heart cells and prevent age-related heart disease

Live Forever Club - 02-Nov-2023

Drugs have the potential to revolutionise the way we treat age-related diseases


Gut bacteria linked to Alzheimer's disease in groundbreaking study

King's College London - 17-Oct-2023

Research findings may lead to new treatments for the most common cause of dementia


Air pollution linked to increased risk of at least two long-term health problems

The Guardian - 30-Dec-2022

Implementing environmental policies in polluted areas may help prevent the illnesses


Regenerative therapies and senolytics help to rejuvenate the heart’s capacity to regenerate

Longevity Technology - 17-Aug-2022

Eliminating senescent cells rejuvenates the heart's capacity for regeneration in mice


Serum from older adults increased ageing markers and killed brain stem cells in humans (LEAF) - 16-Dec-2021

Brain volume and lifestyle can increase difference between chronological and biological age


Light-sensing cones from human stem cells restored vision in mice

The Scientist - 23-Apr-2021

Will be looking to run a human clinical trial in the next few years


Big dips in blood sugar can intensify your hunger cravings

Longevity Technology - 16-Apr-2021

Personalized healthy diet plan balancing blood sugar levels is the key to weight loss & overall healthspan


Genes may partly influence your eating habits, study finds

Science Daily - 19-Jan-2021

Dietary indices found heritable food and nutrient patterns among female twins


People who smoke cannabis are at equal risk as tobacco users

Guardian - 19-Dec-2020

Cannabis users are unaware of its negative health effects and lifetime addiction


Considerable reduction in London's air pollution since 2016

Guardian - 03-Oct-2020

Shows that air pollution is not irreversible & can be reduced by taking the right steps


Pace of human biological ageing can now be measured via blood test

Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health - 05-May-2020

Can aid future trials of therapies aiming at preventing diseases and slowing ageing


Proposed strategy to protect elderly from gerolavic infections like COVID-19

Forbes - 31-Mar-2020

To benefit long term global health and longevity, and enhance economic recovery


Can senolytics improve heart disease and repair damaged heart cells?

European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer - 18-Feb-2020

Senescent cells seem to play a major role even in heart diseases


Walking speed could be a determinating factor of ageing speed

BBC - 12-Oct-2019

People who walked slower had a worse state of lungs, teeth and immune system


Little bit of red wine once in a while could be beneficial

BBC - 28-Aug-2019

But don't get carried away and drink too much - no more than 14 units per week


PAR plays a key role in hardening of the arteries

Guardian - 11-Jun-2019

Study finds calcium deposits are triggered by a molecule produced by damaged cells


Insilico and ARK enter a research collaboration on health-span and longevity

EurekAlert! - 22-May-2019

AI-based methods, to explore mechanisms of ageing and improving health-span


Non-intrusive way of generating large quantities of stem cells

Medical Xpress - 10-May-2019

Discovery could revolutionise treatment for vascular and diabetes-related cardiovascular diseases


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