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Biogerontology Research Foundation

Non-profit company focused on Longevity industry and gerontology

The Biogerontology Research Foundation is a UK non-profit research foundation and public policy center seeking to fill a gap within the research community, whereby the current scientific understanding of the ageing process is not yet being sufficiently exploited to produce effective medical interventions. The BGRF funds and conducts research which, building on the body of knowledge about how ageing happens, aims to develop biotechnological interventions to remediate the molecular and cellular deficits which accumulate with age and which underlie the ill-health of old age. Addressing ageing damage at this most fundamental level will provide an important opportunity to produce the effective, lasting treatments for the diseases and disabilities of ageing, required to improve quality of life in the elderly. The BGRF seeks to use the entire scope of modern biotechnology to attack the changes that take place in the course of ageing, and to address not just the symptoms of age-related diseases but also the mechanisms of those diseases.

Biogerontology Research Foundation Board of Trustees

• Dmitry Kaminskiy

• Jim Plante

• Roxy Iqbal

• Ilia Stambler

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Mentioned in this Resource

Dmitry Kaminskiy

Managing partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures

Ilia Stambler

Researcher at Bar Ilan University, Chief Science Officer at Vetek (Seniority) - the Movement for Longevity and Quality of Life (Israel)

Jim Plante

Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Klotho Therapeutics

Roxy Iqbal

Strategic Director at Deep Knowledge Group, Director & CMO of Longevity Card

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Biogerontology Research Foundation News

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