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From cryonic baths to ozone saunas, to the search of magic pill


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Nicotinamide riboside causes older mice to look and act younger, reduces age-related diseases.

Alexey Samykin created cryogenic containers which right now contain frozen bodies, located in Moscow.

UK Biobank stores 500,000 samples of DNA for 30 years for genomics study.

Skorpion Medical prints off unique orthopaedic and orthodontic implants.

Cryo-saunas intention is to accelerate the metabolism, strengthen the immune system, slow tissue ageing.

Ozone Sauna may have anti-ageing properties by reducing free radicals in cell mitochondria.

Core research at the Leibniz-Fritz Lipmann Institute focuses on the ageing of stem cells.

In 2018 consumers spent $43 billion on anti-ageing products according to Orbis analysis

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Company Representative

Technology Project Manager, Speaker.


Company focused on the research and development of mitochondria based therapeutics.


Health and beauty shop in Tokyo, Japan.


A company focused on research and development based on new scientific findings


Leibniz Institute for Age Research.


Steam Wellness Sauna.


Postdoctoral Researcher at Buck Institute for Research on Aging.


First and only cryonics company in Eurasia


Top-Quality Market Research Related Study Reports.


Rapid Prototyping, Rapid manufacturing, Design & Co-Design, Finishes & Services.


UK Biobank is a national and international health resource registered as a charity in Scotland