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First and only cryonics company in Eurasia

KrioRus is the first and only cryonics company in Eurasia at the moment, which has its own storage facility. KrioRus exist since 2003. Today, more than 500 people have signed with us their contract for cryopreservation and we cryopreserved 81 people and 46 pets.

Cryonics is a scientifically based, legal technology for preserving humans and animals in a state of deep cooling in the hope that in the future they will be resuscitated and, if necessary, cured and rejuvenated. For legal reasons, human cryopreservation can be carried out only after legal death.

We keep informing people about the possibilities of cryonics, and we constantly develop:

• Improve perfusion and storing technologies for our patients;
• Work hard to increase our storage safety;
• Master and design new equipment for cryonics;
• Support and carry on scientific research in the domain of cryobiology.

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Details last updated 09-Apr-2019

People at KrioRus

Valeriya Udalova

Co-founder and CEO of the Russian company "KrioRus."

KrioRus News

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