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Cryomed Japan

Health and beauty shop in Tokyo, Japan.

Whole-body cryotherapy (from Greek kryos – cold and therapy) is a technique that involves exposure of the body to low temperatures (-110° to -190°C) for the period of 1 to 3 minutes. Super-low temperatures are cutting-edge and an efficient way to trigger self-healing mechanisms. Short-time (1 to 3 minutes) cooling of the upper skin layer helps boosting metabolic processes, decreases anxiety and fatigue, improves sleep and stimulates immune system. Cryotherapy involves activation of natural body defences and that is why it is totally safe. The short-time exposure of the body does not affect the core temperature. Nitrogen, used for cooling in its liquefied form, comprises 3/4 of atmospheric air, so the sessions are totally friendly to the environment. One session takes no more than three minutes. Cryotherapy addresses multiple issues at the same time, which means that the body starts healing processes on several levels. Bathing in the streams of cold air feels more comfortable than usual methods of hardening with cold water, because at super low temperatures the air contains almost no moisture. As a bonus the cold triggers the production of endorphins, “called feel-good hormones”, which induce feelings of euphoria.

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Cryomed Japan News

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Wired - 10-Sep-2019

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