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Turn Bio raised funds to usher epigenetic reprogramming from bench to bedside


Key points from article :

Turn Biotechnologies closed fundraising round primed to usher the company into its next stage of development.

Platform is based on using mRNA technology to develop novel medicines to combat age-related diseases.

Company licensed epigenetic reprogramming of age (ERATM) technology from Stanford University in Jan 2021.

"It is non-integrative, [] – so we avoid the risk of harmful mutations,” said Vittorio Sebastiano, co-founder of Turn Bio.

Funding will help to achieve in vivo data results and to advance additional indications more rapidly in the pipeline.

Pipeline candidates are still in the preclinical stage but Anja Krammer, CEO of Turn Bio is hopeful to advance toward clinic in 2023.

He emphasized the goal is to impact the health span of people, ameliorate their quality of life, feeling healthy and strong.

Its the first company to demonstrate that epigenetic resetting of aging is possible in human cells.

Results backing the mRNA tech is published in Nature Communications in 2019 led by Sebastiano.

mRNA technology-reset aging to extend health span and improve quality of life

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