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Longevity Investors Conference

Online conference gathering longevity experts and investors at one place hosted by Marc P. Bernegger and Dr. Tobias Reichmuth


Longevity will be one of the largest, if not the largest, investment opportunity in the decades to come.

The Longevity Investors Conference provides relevant insights into the subject, expert education, investment opportunities, excellent networking opportunities and a great setting in an exclusive location.

The conference is targeting investors from (U)HNWIs, Family Offices, VCs, Private Equity Funds, Private Banks and Asset Managers.

Sub-topics are (radical) life-extension, rejuvenation and biostasis.

The conference is hosted by Marc P. Bernegger and Dr. Tobias Reichmuth and speakers are:

• Alexey Moskalev

• Amutha Boominathan

• Andrea B. Maier

• Aubrey de Grey

• Brian Kennedy

• Celine Halioua

• Dina Radenkovic

• Evelyne Y. Bischof

• Maria Konovalenko

• Michael Greve

• Morten Scheibye-Knudsen

• Phil Newman

• Raiany Romanni

• Sabinije von Gaffke

• Sebastian Wahl

• Sergey Young

• Sophie Chabloz

• Tony Wyss-Coray

• Wei-Wu He

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Mentioned in this Resource


Professor at Syktyvkar State University.


Group Lead for the MitoSENS program at SENS Research Foundation


Professor of General Medicine and Aged Care, Gerontology, University of Melbourne and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


Chief Science Officer at SENS Research Foundation. Author and advocate of ending ageing.


Prof of Biochemistry and Physiology at NUS. CSO Ponce De Leon Health.

Company Representative

CEO and founder of Loyal, interested in the biology of aging

Company Representative

Partner at SALT Conference and CSO at Hooke London.


Longevity physician at Human Longevity, Inc. and Associate professor at Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Company Representative

Founding partner at Maximon and Entrepreneur focusing on Longevity & Digital Assets

Company Representative

Entrepreneur, tech investor, philanthropist, and founder of Forever Healthy.


Head of the Biology of Ageing Laboratory at the University of Copenhagen.

Company Representative

Start-up and scale-up technology commercialisation specialist and Founder at First Longevity.


Science and Technology Writer and Researcher in Bioethics at Harvard Medical School


Impact Diplomat-Communications Catalyst-Speaker, Moderator and Founder of IMPACTFULNESS Ventures

Company Representative

Founder and CEO at mybacs

Company Representative

Author and Longevity investor and visionary.

Company Representative

Co-Founder and CPO of a new Venture at Maximon

Company Representative

Executive Chairman of Human Longevity Inc