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Life Biosciences raises funding to develop innovative therapies against ageing biology


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Life Biosciences completes a Series C financing of $82 million; raised over $158 million since its founding.

Series C financing will be used to accelerate research and development activities in the company’s three platforms.

“Our 3 platforms based on seminal research demonstrate that aging biology can be modified therapeutically,” - Jerry McLaughlin, CEO.

“We expect to initiate first-in-human studies for first drug candidate possibly as early as the end of 2022,” - McLaughlin.

Mitochondrial uncoupling platform to increase metabolic rate and decrease fat accumulation in models of obesity and NASH.

Chaperone-mediated autophagy (CMA) platform to remove unwanted proteins that accumulate during aging.

Epigenetic reprogramming platform induces the expression of three Yamanaka factors to reprogram cells to a younger state and restore cellular function.

“Life Biosciences is on the cusp of revolutionizing medicine for aging-related diseases globally,” - Mehmood Khan, Executive Chairman.

Invests $82 million in research platforms, aiming to prevent or reverse age-related diseases

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Jerry McLaughlin

Chief Executive Officer at Life Biosciences

Life Biosciences

Drug development company promoting longevity and finding treatments for age-related diseases

Mehmood Khan

Chief Executive Officer at Hevolution Foundation