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Laboratory Automation

Laboratory Automation News

Olden Labs develops AI-powered cages to improve animal anti-ageing research

Longevity Technology - 01-May-2024

Technology aims to make animal studies more efficient, affordable, and humane


AI-powered RoboChem for faster, more efficient drug discovery

Interesting Engineering - 25-Jan-2024

Autonomous robot outperforms scientists, accelerating the path to new pharmaceuticals


A new method called FAST studies cellular ageing in cultured cells

Live Forever Club - 18-Jan-2024

FAST is precise and works with different cell types and microscopes


Vivodyne pioneers drug development with lab-grown organs with $38M funding

Longevity Technology - 22-Nov-2023

Offers over 20 innovative organ models for realistic testing and collaborating


C. elegans: A tiny worm that can help scientists understand how ageing works

Live Forever Club - 20-Nov-2023

The research could lead to new ways to slow down ageing in humans

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Magnitude Biosciences

Biotechnology company that combines experience in ageing research, the nematode C. elegans and automation

Denali Therapeutics

Company focused on the discovery and development of therapies for patients with neurodegenerative diseases


Biotechnology company that develops and manufactures human therapeutics for various illness and diseases


Company creating living platforms that emulate the complexities of human biology


Global leader in metabolomics for precision medicine, biomarker discovery, and advancing microbiome research

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Laboratory Automation - only the white coats remain

Laboratory Automation - only the white coats remain

Reducing the time and cost of clinical tests will help us beat the big killers, then guide our personalised rejuvenation programmes

Laboratory Automation