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Hevolution Foundation

Non-profit organization that funds research, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Hevolution foundation aims to improve human health, prevent diseases, contribute to its treatment, and extend its healthy lifespan by supporting local and international efforts in those areas.

It was established by order of the King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in December 2018 , and issued a statute for it that includes 18 articles explaining the purpose of the foundation and articles related to its board of trustees, and others related to its administrative and financial affairs and articles regulating the work of the foundation. 

Our Vision: To extend a healthy lifespan for the benefit of all humanity

Our Mission: To drive efforts to extend a healthy human lifespan and understand the processes of aging, leveraging a broad set of tools through diverse approaches.

In particular, we aim to:

• Increase the number of safe and effective treatments entering the market

• Compress the timeline of drug development, using the latest tools and technologies

• Increase accessibility to therapeutics that extend healthy lifespan

Hevolution Foundation Board of Trustees

• Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Chairman of the Board

Hevolution Foundation Executive Management

• Mehmood Khan, Chief Executive Officer

• Felipe Sierra, Chief Scientific Officer

Hevolution Foundation Scientific Advisory Board

• Felipe Sierra

• Brian Kennedy

• Guido Kroemer

• Andrea Maier

• Laura Niedernhofer

• Thomas Rando

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Details last updated 08-Jun-2022

Mentioned in this Resource

Andrea Maier

Oon Chiew Seng Professor in Medicine, Director, Centre for Healthy Longevity, NUS

Brian Kennedy

Prof of Biochemistry and Physiology at NUS, CSO Ponce De Leon Health

Felipe Sierra

Director of the Division of Aging Biology at the National Institute on Aging

Guido Kroemer

Professor at the University of Paris Descartes

Laura Niedernhofer

Professor of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics at the University of Minnesota

Thomas A. Rando

Professor of Neurology at Stanford University

Hevolution Foundation Creations

Global Healthspan Summit 2023

29-Nov-2023 to 30-Nov-2023

Longevity summit organised by Hevolution Foundation (Riyadh,Saudi Arabia)

Other people at Hevolution Foundation

Abdulrahman Alolayan

CEO & Managing Partner at Beta lab, Board Member at Hevolution Foundation

Mehmood Khan

Chief Executive Officer at Hevolution Foundation

Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud

Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, Chairman of the Board at the Hevolution Foundation

Hevolution Foundation News

Hevolution Foundation Announces Geroscience Research Opportunities (HF-GRO) Funding

Live Forever Club - 14-Apr-2024

Up to $2.5m per project to contribute to cutting-edge research in the field of ageing biology and geroscience


Hevolution invests $20 million in Aeovian Pharmaceuticals to fight ageing

Longevity Technology - 28-Mar-2024

Funds to advance compounds that target mTORC1 pathway for treating rare and age-related conditions


Extending quality life years: insights from the Global Healthspan Summit 2023

Live Forever Club - 16-Mar-2024

Event focused on extending quality life years through scientific innovation


The Hevolution Foundation's report proposes a radical shift in healthcare

Live Forever Club - 23-Jan-2024

Report suggests that our focus needs to move from lifespan to healthspan


XPRIZE Launches a $101 Million Healthspan Competition

Live Forever Club - 29-Nov-2023

10 years of functional age-reversal in 65-80 year olds within the next 7 years... bring it on!!!


Hevolution Foundation allocates over $20 Million to promote aging research through HF-AGE grant program

Live Forever Club - 23-May-2023

Nine innovative projects, spread over seven US institutions, set to receive funding


Metformin misinterpreted as antiaging drug via animal studies, TAME heads for future trials

SENS Research Foundation - 04-Oct-2022

More than 90% of drugs safe and effective when tested in experimental animals fail in human testing


Hevolution Foundation to spend $1 billion annually on the biology of aging

MIT Technology Review - 07-Jun-2022

Considering funding a $100 million age reversal X Prize and the TAME(metformin) trial

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