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Healthspan Show

Online event about longevity and wellness organized by Longevity Leaders (LSX) with many speakers included.

10-May-2021 to 14-May-2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of maintaining our health throughout our lives. Now, more than ever, the risk of chronic disease or unhealthy lifestyle is having a direct impact on individual longevity.

As we look to a future beyond the pandemic it is imperative that we explore how to harness wellness and wellbeing to live longer, healthier lives. Businesses, healthcare systems and consumers all have a role to play in a global transformation to better health.

The Healthspan Show will bring them together, promoting innovative platforms, stimulating investment and uptake, sharing latest research and driving workplace engagement. 

Some of the speakers are:

• Ahmed El-Sohemy

• Amir Zur

• Angela Tyrrell

• Anindya Dasgupta

• Aubrey de Grey

• Bernhard Paetzold

• Carolina Reis Oliveira

• Christina Bussfeld

• Claire Stewart

• Colin Watts

• Cynthia Bullock

• David Evendon-Challis

• Filippo Lanzi

• Frank Jaksch

• Hamish Grierson

• Isabelle Schiffer

• Jackie Marshall Cyrus

• Jennie Walker

• Kenny Butler

• Luq Niazi

• Michael Geer

• Naveen Jain

• Nora Khaldi

• Paul Kitson

• Rachael Frost

• Rachel Carey

• Robert Fried

• Rohan Kallicharan

• S. Jay Olshansky

• Samantha Samaras

• Sibylle Jaeger

• Stephanie Manson-Brown

• Susan Nicholson

• Tim Antos

• Tina Woods

• Tom Stubbs

• Vibhav Sanzgiri

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Mentioned in this Resource

Ahmed El-Sohemy

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Nutrigenomics at University of Toronto.

Anindya Dasgupta

Global Operations Manager, S&T Beauty and Personal Care R&D at Unilever.

Aubrey de Grey

President and Chief Science Officer at Longevity Escape Velocity (LEV) Foundation

Christina Bussfeld

Communications Director Research & Development at Bayer.

Cynthia Bullock

Deputy Director of Healthy Ageing Challenge at Innovate UK.

David Evendon-Challis

Executive Board Member and Chief Scientific Officer at Bayer Consumer Health.

Filippo Lanzi

Region Head EMEA, GSK Consumer Healthcare at GSK.

Frank Jaksch

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of ChromaDex

Hamish Grierson

CEO and co-founder of Thriva.

Kenny Butler

Head of Health and Wellbeing at ukactive.

Michael Geer

Co-Founder of Humanity Inc.

Naveen Jain

Founder and CEO at Viome.

Nora Khaldi

Founder and CEO, Nuritas

Paul Kitson

Actuary and Partner at PwC.

Rachael Frost

Research Associate in the Department of Primary Care and Population Health at UCL.

Rachel Carey

Chief Scientist at Zinc.

Robert Fried

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at ChromaDex and American film producer.

Rohan Kallicharan

Award-winning mental health campaigner and HR Director at BenevolentAI.

Sibylle Jaeger

Innovation Manager at L'Oréal.

Tim Antos

Founder and CEO at Kokoon Technology.