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Michael Geer

Co-Founder of Humanity Inc.

Michael Geer (MG) helped build Badoo to over 70 million users. In July 2010, after 5 years leading a large part of Badoo, he announced he would be moving back to his native New York to spend time focusing on social innovation. He is a Board Advisor to several startups, promotes the NY Tech scene and social good in startups with his organization BubbleProof, previously joined Dream Industries as COO to develop their 3 major online companies, and now helps run AnchorFree to make sure everyone globally has secure access to all the world's information and keep the internet uncensored.

Although raised and educated in the states, he started with the Badoo founders working on various projects in the Russian market and then launched and opened a HQ in London, where he spent most of his time setting up new markets for Badoo and supervising the continued success in more established countries. Mike, or MG as he is known, has stayed quite active around the startup/tech scenes of London, New York, Moscow, and Mountain View making sure his teams keep on top of the latest trends and technology for building globally focused products.

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