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Ahmed El-Sohemy

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Nutrigenomics at University of Toronto.

The overall goal of Professor El-Sohemy's research in nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics is to identify biomarkers of dietary exposure and elucidate the genetic basis for variability in nutrient response and dietary preferences. His lab employs metabolomics, proteomics and genomics to study the effects of diet on human health, to better understand how genetic and dietary factors interact to regulate metabolic and biochemical pathways involved in the development of chronic diseases. They have also been studying the effects of disclosing genetic information on eating behaviours, and exploring attitudes and perceptions of genetic testing. Other research projects focus on micronutrient genomics, genetics of caffeine response and genetic determinants of eating habits as well as athletic performance.  

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See also: Academia University of Toronto - Public research university located in Toronto

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