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Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

National scientific institution for natural sciences and high technology development.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is the lead national scientific institution in natural sciences and high technology development in China and the country's supreme scientific advisory body. It incorporates three major parts: a comprehensive research and development network consisting of 104 research institutes, a traditional merit-based national academy as represented by its Academic Divisions and a system of higher education based on its affiliated 3 universities and the support of its research institutes. CAS has served as the major national strategic research force since founding in November 1949 and has left its deep footprints in Chinese S&T and the overall development of China's national innovation system.

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Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is also referenced in the following:

University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)

Public university in Beijing, China

People at Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

John Speakman

Professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences

Weiqi Zhang

Professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Institute of Genomics

Geng Meiyu

Dr.GENG Meiyu is a professor and principle investigator of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica

Sun Yu

Professor in Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health at Chinese Academy of Sciences

Qu Jing

Professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jing-Dong Han

Researcher at Partner Institute for Computational Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Zhang Nannan

PhD student at Chinese Academy of Sciences

Tingting Zhou

Postdoctoral Fellow at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Jianhai Xiang

Professor at Institute of Oceanology at Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) News

Young blood factors identified that rejuvenate old HSPCs in mice

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) - 30-May-2022

Could eventually lead to treatments that reinvigorate immune cell production


Procyanidin, a senotherapeutic compound from grape seed extends lifespan in mice (LEAF) - 14-Dec-2021

Improved survival via eliminating old cells - potential candidate to slowdown ageing


25% of calories burned with exercise are compensated by spending less energy elsewhere (LEAF) - 05-Oct-2021

Calorie compensation can reach up to 50% in obese people - explains why it is so hard to lose fat


Deactivating ageing gene KAT7 to slow down ageing

Reuters - 20-Jan-2021

A potential therapeutic target for ageing, but still a long way to human trials


Eye-opening facts about human skin ageing

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) - 25-Nov-2020

Therapeutic strategies to combat human skin diseases at single-cell level


Scientists unlock genes linked to organ regeneration in sea cucumbers

GenomeWeb - 12-Oct-2017

Regenerative abilities to be used in medical applications in the future


Brain implant turns 'loser' mice into aggressive fighters

Ars Technica - 18-Jul-2017

In tube test the mice who shoves the most wins the dominance game. Scientists used optogenetics ...


Biologists discover the key mechanism that triggers human ageing

ScienceAlert - 01-May-2015

Accumulated alterations in the structure of heterochromatin may be a major underlying cause of ce...


This face scan can help predict your biological age

Guardian - 31-Mar-2015

Simply captures a photo to reveal biological age - no blood tests needed