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Zhang Nannan

PhD student at Chinese Academy of Sciences

Nannan Zhang is a visiting scholar from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, where she is currently pursuing her PhD in Atmospheric Physics and Environment. I nterested in the analysis of causality in nonlinear climate systems. She is working to identify causality between Northern Hemisphere Annular Mode and Surface Air Temperature over East Asia. Particularly interested in the relationship between PM2.5 and Surface air Temperature over Beijing.

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See also: Institute Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) - National scientific institution for natural sciences and high technology development.

Details last updated 28-Nov-2020

Articles written by Zhang Nannan

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Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) - 30-May-2022

Could eventually lead to treatments that reinvigorate immune cell production


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Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) - 25-Nov-2020

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