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Altos Labs

Biotechnology company focused on cellular rejuvenation programming

Altos is dedicated to unraveling the deep biology of cellular rejuvenation programming. Our mission is to restore cell health and resilience to reverse disease, injury, and disabilities that occur throughout life.   

The Altos Institutes of Science will pursue deep scientific questions and integrate their findings into one collaborative research effort. The Altos Institute of Medicine will capture knowledge generated about cell health and programming and develop transformative medicines.

Altos Labs Leadership

• Wolf Reik, Director, Cambridge Institute of Science

Altos Labs Institute of Science Cambridge

• Maria Abad

• Kevin Chalut

• Martin Denzel

• Robin Franklin

• Giovanna Mallucci

• Ken Raj

• Manuel Serrano

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Details last updated 20-Jan-2022

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Giovanna Mallucci

Founding Principal Investigator at Altos Labs

Ken Raj

Principal Investigator of the San Diego Institute of Science at Altos Labs

Kevin Chalut

Biophysicist at Cambridge, working on stem cells and development

Manuel Serrano

Director, Institute for Research in Biomedicine

Maria Abad

Principal Investigator at Altos Labs

Martin Denzel

Principal Investigator at AltosLabs and researcher at Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing

Robin Franklin

Principal Investigator at Altos Labs Cambridge Institute of Science, previously Professor of Stem Cell Medicine

Wolf Reik

Principal Investigator at Babraham Institute Cambridge, future member of Altos Labs

Other people at Altos Labs

Adam Frost

Principal Investigator at the Altos Labs

Pura Munoz-Canoves

Principal Investigator at Altos Labs

Morgan Levine

Founding Principal Investigator at Altos labs, Authored True Age book

Hal Barron

President Research And Development at GSK, former president of research and development at Calico and incoming CEO at Altos Labs

Rick Klausner

Chief Scientist and Founder at Altos Labs

Altos Labs News

El País interviews Altos Labs’ principal investigator Pura Muñoz Cánoves

El País - 27-Dec-2023

Altos labs with a $3-billion budget pave the way for reversing aging and extending healthy lifespan

Read more... summarises the proceedings of the Buck Institute's Longevity Summit (LEAF) - 20-Jan-2023

Another reminder of the amount of research, with multiple approaches, about to go into clinical trials


Umbilical cord blood derived plasma improves health biomarkers (LEAF) - 06-Sep-2022

Plasma concentrate alters methylation clock reducing biological age


Ageing versus longevity: epigenetic age correlated with only a few ageing hallmarks

Live Forever Club - 08-Jun-2022

Mitochondrial dysfunction & stem cell exhaustion accelerated the epigenetic clock, but senescent cells & telomere length did not


The Observer interviews Morgan Levine about ageing and her move to Altos Labs

The Guardian - 07-May-2022

When it comes to lifespan, you cannot blame 100% on genetics, just 10-30%


Long-term partial reprogramming reversed ageing process in mice

The Guardian - 07-Mar-2022

Yamanaka factors restored youthfullness in aged cells, raised hope for new anti-ageing therapies


Altos Labs comes out of stealth with $3 billion of capital

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) - 19-Jan-2022

Huge backing that cellular reprogramming can have a significant impact on health and ageing

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