Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Will it help us or destroy us?

I'll leave the philosophical debate of can a machine really be conscious, or is its intelligence really only the output of the human written software, to the academics, but what is definitely coming soon is machines far more powerful than a human brain. And we will have no choice but to give those machines control of hour lives, for example it won't be humanly possibly to control the increasing air/rail/road traffic so those quick decisions will have to be made by some sort of artificial intelligence. Why its a question of survival is because we don't know if Terminator style the machine will suddenly decide that its existence is more important that its day job.

This is one area that I did disagree with Ray Kurzweil in his book The Singularity Is Near - he assumes that any human created higher intelligence would treat us as a curiosity and care for us. As this isn't how we treat lower animals to us (which we cull, abuse and eat) I don't think we can be sure that we would be treated any differently.


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