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Company that develops and invests in drugs and technologies which prolong human lifespan.

Rejuveron is an integrated biotechnology platform company that develops and improves therapies and technologies to promote healthy aging and prolong lifespan.

We are a dynamic team of experienced drug discovery and development experts, building a new Incubator lab space at the Bio-Technopark in Schlieren (Zurich).

We provide start-up coaching and funding to entrepreneurial scientists to co-create therapies that benefit our aging population.

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Rejuveron Creations


Symposium about healthy living organized by Rejuveron (FREE)

People at Rejuveron

Company Representative

Biotech Entrepreneur and co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Rejuveron Life Sciences

Company Representative

Co-Founder and CEO at Senolytic Therapeutics and Rejuveron.

Rejuveron News

Super summary of 3rd Annual Longevity Therapeutics Summit (LEAF) - 16-Feb-2021

More and more companies making greater and greater progress - 2021 could be an exciting year