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Until 2014 Ebola had only generated a few limited outbreaks, but this time we're already into the 1000s and millions of cases being predicted.

Ebola News

Animal-to-human diseases poised to kill 12 times more people by 2050

Independent - 03-Nov-2023

Urgent action needed to prevent the disease risk by addressing climate change & deforestation


Virus comes back to life in a survivor of Ebola

New Scientist - 18-Mar-2021

Ebola survivor harboured the virus for 5 years & transmission could spark new outbreaks


Two new Ebola drugs report a 90% survival rate

BBC - 13-Aug-2019

Thanks to this cocktail of 3 antibodies, Ebola no longer means impending death


Ebola spreads from Congo to Uganda - no sign of stopping

BBC - 13-Jun-2019

Not yet a global emergency – but could explode at any time

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A worrying mystery of Ebola infection

A worrying mystery of Ebola infection

If Ebola mutates to become airborne things could get very serious, very quickly

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