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World Health Organization (WHO)

Specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health

Founded in 1948, WHO is the United Nations agency that connects nations, partners and people to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable – so everyone, everywhere can attain the highest level of health. 

WHO leads global efforts to expand universal health coverage. We direct and coordinate the world’s response to health emergencies. And we promote healthier lives – from pregnancy care through old age. Our Triple Billion targets outline an ambitious plan for the world to achieve good health for all, using science-based policies and programmes. 

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World Health Organization (WHO) Blog Posts

How To Boost Your Immune System

How To Boost Your Immune System

Help your body to help yourself with these easy tips on improving your immune system

The Difference Between Dietary Cholesterol and Blood Cholesterol

The Difference Between Dietary Cholesterol and Blood Cholesterol

The real culprit is saturated fats, so your diet is still important

Coronavirus Deaths UK Tracker

Coronavirus Deaths UK Tracker

Tracking UK COVID-19 deaths to see when the peak is passed

World Health Organization (WHO) Creations

Ebola Fact Sheet

Information by WHO about ebola virus disease

People at World Health Organization (WHO)

Lucinda Hiam

GP, Honorary Research Fellow London at School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and public health doctor passionate about health for all

Naoko Yamamoto

Assistant Director General of UHC/Healthier Populations at WHO

Ritu Sadana

Head at Ageing & Health at World Health Organisation

Manfred Huber

Coordinator for Healthy Ageing and Disability and Long-term Care at WHO Regional Office for Europe

Gregory Hartl

Spokesperson for Avian Influenza and other epidemic diseases at WHO.

Marie-Paule Kieny

Assistant Director-General, Health Systems and Innovation at WHO.

Maria Neira

WHO Director, Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Director General at World Health Organization.

Regina Guthold

Prevention of NCDs Department at WHO.

Michael Ryan

Executive Director at WHO Health Emergencies Programme.

World Health Organization (WHO) News

Hold on Europe! Cleaning up the polluted air later could mean thousands deaths sooner

The Guardian - 02-Feb-2024

Eastern Europe already breathes dirtier air, and the delay would hit them the hardest


Europe's air pollution crisis: Almost everyone is breathing toxic air

The Guardian - 20-Sep-2023

98% of Europeans live in areas with dangerous levels of air pollution


WHO cautions on use of AI language models in healthcare

World Health Organization (WHO) - 16-May-2023

Calls for safe and ethical use of LLMs to protect patients and public health


Artificial sweeteners fall short in long-term weight control, says WHO

Independent - 16-May-2023

Reducing sugar intake, rather than replacing sugar with sweeteners, is a better approach for weight loss


Exposure to meat product additives increases the risk of colorectal cancer

Independent - 13-Jul-2022

Nitrites and nitrates as preservatives in cold cuts linked to colon cancer


Brain charts: showing the incredible growing and shrinking brain ability

University of Cambridge - 06-Apr-2022

Mapping the brain and creating charts could be used as a helpful clinical tool for other clinicians, psychiatrists and researchers


99% of people in the world are breathing polluted air

Independent - 04-Apr-2022

WHO calls for the immediate transition from fossil fuel use to clean energy


Anti-5G products claims to be protective but actually emit harmful radiation

Independent - 18-Dec-2021

Dutch authorities warned the use of these necklaces, bracelets and sleep masks


WHO rewrites air quality guidelines, slashing safe limit for pollutants from fossil fuels by 50%

Guardian - 22-Sep-2021

A step towards breathing harmless air amidst rising evidence of deadly harm from air pollution


Working 55+ hours a week killed 745,000 people a year

BBC - 17-May-2021

Working overtime, only to die early - long working hours may increase your risk of stroke & heart disease


What was the International Longevity Alliance up to in 2020?

International Longevity Alliance - 08-Feb-2021

Yearly report of their activities including policy papers, senolytic research and an activism prize


Exercise recommendations by WHO to avoid early death

YAHOO! - 25-Nov-2020

Exercise is the key to fight early death in people who sit for prolonged hours


Should WHO use a new framework for the diagnosis and treatment of age-related diseases? (LEAF) - 08-May-2020

LEAF summarises and exchange of thoughts between leading aging researchers


LEAF interviews Daria Khaltourina about WHO classification of ageing (LEAF) - 05-May-2020

Believes life extension treatments may already exist - but need more clinical trials


High-salt diet is bad for the immune system

Medical Xpress - 25-Mar-2020

As concluded by experiments done in mice and human volunteers


Kinsa's smart thermometer, an early warning device for COVID-19

New York Times - 18-Mar-2020

Very beneficial as health sector sees where to prioritize testing


A global commission laid out roadmap for gene-editing trials on human embryo

Wired - 09-Mar-2020

Strict ethical guidelines to avoid undesirable outcomes in gene-edited babies


Ethics report shows equal respect helps prepare for health emergencies

Nuffield Council on Bioethics - 24-Feb-2020

As is often the case, it's politicians who need to act before the spotlight is on them


Last opportunity to contain coronavirus outbreak

BBC - 22-Feb-2020

Not yet out of control - but asymptomatic patients could complicate prevention of outbreaks


Biomarker in urine can be effective for the early detection of bladder cancer

New Atlas - 20-Feb-2020

Early detection means fewer complications and less financial contributions in the system


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