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Pandemics Resources

The Live Forever Club collates details of as many people, organisation and things regarding Pandemics. Click through on any resource below to discover more about it.

Pandemics Creations

Event Anticipating the next Black Death - Conversation with author and journalist Debora MacKenzie

Application BBC Pandemic - App for better understand of pandemics.

Book COVID-19 - The Pandemic that Never Should Have Happened and How to Stop the Next One - Amazon

Book How to Prevent the Next Pandemic - The book about pandemics and how to prevent it written by Bill Gates - Amazon

Pandemics Information

Information Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice for everyone - Advice and links to 111 service etc

Information Coronavirus Resource Center - Questions and answers covering symptoms, risks and treatment

Information Ebola entry on Wikipedia

Information Homeland Security Digital Library Pandemics and Epidemics - Including response plans for avian influenza, Ebola and Zika virus

Pandemics Organisations

Institute Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) - Independent monitoring body for global health crises created by WHO and World Bank

Institute World Health Organization (WHO) - Specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health

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