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Life Extension Resources

The Live Forever Club collates details of as many people, organisation and things regarding Life Extension. Click through on any resource below to discover more about it.

Life Extension Creations

Book Age Later: Health Span, Life Span, and the New Science of Longevity - Secrets of the Healthiest, Sharpest Centenarians - by Nir Barzilai - Amazon

Event Future of Ageing 2022: A vision for the next 25 years - Annual conference by the International Longevity Centre

Event TransVision Madrid 2022 Cryonics First Response (CFR) Training - During November 12-13, 2022, Madrid will host its next TransVision Summit with a focus on human cryopreservation

Life Extension People

Advocate João Pedro de Magalhães - Professor of Molecular Biogerontology at University of Birmingham Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, consultant, futurist, speaker

Company Representative Vitaly Ponomarev - Founder of Centaura

Life Extension Organisations

Institute Maharaj Institute (MIIRM) - Maharaj Institute provides immune regenerative medicine for stem cell treatment and prevention

Life Extension Companies

Company Centaura - Company with mission to prevent and reverse aging.

Company Cyclarity Therapeutics - Company developing simple and direct interventions targeting toxic forms of cholesterol for age-related diseases.

Company Mitrix Bio - California based start-up company

Company YouthBio Therapeutics - Developing rejuvenation gene therapies based on partial reprogramming by Yamanaka factors

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