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Scientists zero in on molecules that could significantly extend healthy lifespan

Live Forever Club - 07-May-2024

Offering hope for longer, healthier lives for future healthcare


Some drugs may dampen the benefits of exercise, while others amplify them

Live Forever Club - 01-Jan-2024

Complex interactions with drugs like Rapamycin, Metformin, and SGLT2 inhibitors


LEV Foundation announces plan for second Robust Mouse Rejuvenation study (RMR2)

Live Forever Club - 22-Dec-2023

Will look at combinations of partial cellular reprogramming, mesenchymal stem cells, serum albumin and deuterated fatty acids


If we can fix the bugs in human software, people could live to be 20,000 years old

Scientific American - 31-Jul-2023

Bill Gifford interviews João Pedro de Magalhães, professor of molecular biogerontology at the University of Birmingham


Duo of world leading transhumanists argue for the scientific possibility of physical Immortality in their new book

Live Forever Club - 11-Jul-2023

Recommended by Aubrey de Grey, Ray Kurzweil, George Church, Michio Kaku and many more - they can't all be wrong!

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Longevity State Conference 2024


Conference about longevity, its social changes and aging organised by Vitalism Foundation (Cofrentes, Spain)

Heales (Healthy Life Extension Society)

Stimulating, promoting and informing the public about life extension

International Longevity Alliance (ILA)

Facilitating faster development and implementation of life-extending technologies to ensure healthy longevity for all

Open Longevity

Non-profit community planning to stop and reverse human biological aging with open research projects

Conference on Healthy Longevity


Live and online event about healthy longevity organised by Slovenian Society for Vital Life Extension (FREE)

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Life Extension Blog Posts

Where were the UK longevity companies and researchers at Dublin summit?

Where were the UK longevity companies and researchers at Dublin summit?

Absolute numbers look good, but for the size and proximity of the venue, it could have done better

Highlights from Longevity Summit Dublin 2023

Highlights from Longevity Summit Dublin 2023

Key points and slides from the leading longevity conference hosted by Aubrey de Grey

Ad Vitam Review (TV series)

Ad Vitam Review (TV series)

This intriguing French thriller received little attention in the UK, but is well worth a watch

The Meaning of Life Extension (infographic)

The Meaning of Life Extension (infographic)

Diagram to explain the terminology used when discussing life extension - reproduced from the Live Forever Manual

Suicide Club by Rachel Heng - Book Review

Suicide Club by Rachel Heng - Book Review

In the book, the vision of biological immortality has become reality, but has not yet fully arrived

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