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Exoskeleton Resources

The Live Forever Club collates details of as many people, organisation and things regarding Exoskeleton. Click through on any resource below to discover more about it.

Exoskeleton Organisations

Institute Harvard Biodesign Lab - Research lab at Harvard University for augmenting and restoring human performance

Exoskeleton Companies

Company Able Bionics - Exoskeleton referrals, information, research & development and advocacy

Company Bionik Laboratories - Innovative medical device and robotics company developing exoskeleton for users with mobility impairments

Company Laevo - The Laevo is a wearable chest and back support that adapts to every posture

Company Ottobock - Company developing and producing exoskeletons and prosthesis

Company Rex Bionics - Manufacturer and developer of robotic mobility devices, RED and REX P

Company Roam Robotics - Robotics company that is developing mobility through exoskeletons

Company SuitX - Company developing robotic exoskeletons for the medical and industrial markets including PhoeniX and MAX

Company SUPERFLEX - Superflex is defining the future of movement through powered clothing

Company Twiice - Company that develops and builds customer-specific exoskeletons for walking assistance

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